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roofing with radarscope

Your Challenges

You need to know where hail fell and you need that data before your competitors.

For years, vendors have provided hail data to end users at a premium. We're here to change things!

Our Solutions

RadarScope is here to change how you do business with our recent addition of Hail Contours. These are the same contours you will find in the most premium web-based services and apps.

Download RadarScope Today!

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Profit with Hail Contours

Our company is comprised of over 80 meteorologists and developers who pour over data constantly to improve algorithms that create unique, actionable data for you. Our Hail Contours update just minutes after a storm has exited an area, allowing you to:

  • Quickly create and execute on a plan
  • Launch advertising in a specific area
  • Send out salesforce to identify opportunities
  • Dispatch emergency repair crews
  • Visually support a claim with an adjuster

What is RadarScope?

RadarScope is a top performing, top grossing weather radar display app with over 400,000 downloads since 2008, and consistently rated 5 stars. The app is developed and maintained by Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. in Norman, OK, a global weather analytics and risk mitigation leader. RadarScope is loaded with radar products for use by the average Joe or the most advanced meteorologist. RadarScope quickly loads onto your iOS or Android phone or tablet and is also available on Mac.

  • Affordable enough for every employee
  • 24/7/365 live support
  • $10 app + $100/yr service
  • 30-day contour and radar archive
  • Real-time hail data
  • Handy app for everyday use

Download RadarScope for Your Device

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What's New in RadarScope?

RadarScope: How to Sign in Using Your WeatherOps Account

If you are a WeatherOps client, you can now view your assets on RadarScope. This addition will help you keep track of weather approaching. Let's walk through the process on enabling this feature.

Outflow Boundaries and Gust Fronts

We have all experienced a gust front, or outflow boundary, before. It is a process associated with thunderstorms and can cause winds strong enough to cause damage. While tied to thunderstorms, the gust front gets to you before the storm does.

How Do Sea Breezes Work?

As summer approaches, you may notice when you go to the beach you experience a nice, cool breeze blowing inland during the afternoon. This is known as a sea breeze, but do you know what causes them to form?

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